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Two young children who group up in the same church in Chicago, separated only by living in different cities but always kept contact and grew up to become amazing women. These woman grew up to be beautiful, fearful and triumphant businesswoman. Throughout their lives they raised families amidst many life changing experiences. But in 2018 something would bring them together again. They each separately, unknowingly but ironically became authors, writing a book and each published their books in the fall of 2018. So they got together and decided to help others with the their journey of becoming authors. Joining forces they started She’s an Author Publishing, a company focused on motivating, inspiring, and assisting authors through the creative process from idea to completion


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Dr. Nicole Armstrong

Author ~ Speaker ~ Educator


Dr. Nicole Armstrong is a mother, entrepreneur, and owner of She’s a Doctor, a company that encourages education through speaking and training. Dr. Armstrong is also the founder of S.M.I.LE. (Single Mother's in Lifelong Education), an organization that promotes educating single mothers.

Dr. Armstrong is the author of How to Leave Your Class for a Guest Teacher She is currently writing a children’s book series titled “Xavier and Zailen.” This series is loosely based on her grandchildren and inspired by their birth. These non-fiction books are meant to be fun, educational and to depict the experiences of first cousins; one African American and one Hispanic. 

She is also writing two other books for adults, “How to Cheat Your Way through College” which gives tips and tricks of working your way through college and “You Can Do it Girl” which is a collection of inspirational stories from single mothers that includes Dr. Armstrong’s journey through single motherhood, becoming an entrepreneur, and completing a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership.


Tisha Caldwell

Author ~ Philanthropist

Tisha Caldwell is a mother, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and founder of Circle of Eight.

Tisha is the author of Life After Death which is a book that explains her journey and testimony of losing a child and how the death of her loved one brought her closer to Christ after moments of depression and life changing circumstances. . 


“I have always had a passion for helping others,” says Tisha Caldwell of her book. “Life after Death: A Journey to Hope and Healing, discusses my journey after losing one of my twin boys.  “Sharing this story as an encouragement is one way I will help others, especially those who have experienced loss.” 


Tisha Caldwell has lived most of her life helping others and caring for their children.  She is also the founder of “Circle of Eight”, a non-profit organization that provides resources, encouragement, and support for individuals who have experienced loss from death.

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